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Math & Science

  • Science NetLinks is an online resource provided by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).  They provide resources for informal, hands-on science activities geared specifically for the afterschool environment. 
  • Inquiry in Action is a free on-line book that can be used like a website or can be downloaded and printed.  It provides basic chemistry background for teachers and hands-on, inquiry based activities for students in grades 3-6.  This is a publication of The American Chemical Society (ACS), whose website offers more resources, included supplies that can be purchased. 
  • The American Chemical Society’s Middle School Chemistry on-line book is free to view online, or can be downloaded and printed.  It provided intermediate Chemistry background for teachers and hands-on, inquiry based activities for Middle School students. 
  • The American Chemical Socitey's High School Chemistry students, the ACS has an on-line magazine called Chem Matters that provides free age appropriate articles about what is going on in the world of Chemistry.  You can receive a hard copy of the magazine with a subscription that costs $16/year.  The on-line magazine links to other educational resources. 
  • Monarch Watch is a resource for learning more about Monarch Butterflies.  The organization will provide anyone with free milkweed plants that can be used to plant a butterfly garden.  They offer opportunities to participate in free activities and opportunities to participate in broad research.  When NASA was researching butterfly development in space, Monarch Watch in Space provided all of the materials necessary to rear monarchs from caterpillar to adult monarch for free.     
  • Association of Zoos and Aquariums: educational resources such as videos, wild life facts, lesson plans, and activities. 
  • Resource center for the Afterschool STEM Hub   
  • NASA Kids Club 
  • Steve Spangler Science 
  • Engineering is Elementary is a FREE afterschool engineering curricula. 
  • STEMfinity is a FREE STEM resource. 
  • Click 2 Science is a free, easy STEM teaching resource. 
  • DIY is a way to learn new skills and make awesome friends. 
  • Afterschool Alliance- STEM curriculum
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These websites provide sample curriculums and online activities for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) afterschool programs.

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Health and Wellness

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  • WRiTE BRAiN Books: They say, "Every picture tells a story." We say, “Every picture tells YOUR story!”™WRiTE BRAiN books are richly-illustrated, textless books that inspire kids of all ages to write, igniting self-expression and inventive storytelling while developing necessary 21st Century skills. 
  • Rolling Vocabulary Game (see the PDF)
    Description & Needed Supplies:
    Vocabulary word cards (words on written on notecards)
    1 die
    2 or 3 different colored movers per game
    Small white boards, dry erase markers, and erasers (cut up black felt into squares)

    Working in the groups, students write the word or draw a picture of the word together. They helped each other if needed. The whole idea was to learn the words.
  • Readorium Readorium programs (Readorium® Rising Reader for grades 3-5 and Readorium for grades 6-8) were funded through three US Department of Education Innovative Research Grants. The mission of these automatically adaptive web-based, supplementary programs is to increase nonfiction reading comprehension. All instruction is standards-based. All text is based on the Next Generation Science Standards. Although Readorium programs were specifically designed for struggling readers, they have been shown to improve the nonfiction comprehension of all readers.
  • Reading Rockets is a national multimedia literacy initiative offering information and resources on how young kids learn to read, why so many struggle, and how caring adults can help. 
  • Reading is Fundamental (RIF) is the largest children’s literacy nonprofit in the United States. 
  • is a national multimedia project offering information and resources to the parents and educators of struggling adolescent readers and writers. 
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Multiple Subjects/Topics

  • National 4-H Curriculum focuses on 4-H's three primary mission mandates: science, healthy living, and citizenship. 
  • You for Youth: Technical Assistance for 21st CCLC programs. However, anyone can access their curriculum and tools. 
  • EducationWorld is a complete online resource that educators can visit each day to find high-quality and in-depth original content. 
  • JumpStart (also known as Knowledge Adventure) has set the standard in kids’ educational games by making learning fun, and has been designing games under two flagship brands, JumpStart® and Math Blaster®. 
  • The Game Gal is an online list of games. 
  • Expanding Minds and Opportunities: Leveraging the Power of Afterschool and Summer Learning for Student Success (Compendium) 
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